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Build Your Creative Business To Magical Heights, With Hannah by Your Side.

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I help creative business owners like you connect with their audience and customers through video.
It's the modern day local newspaper and regional news programme ... and it's right there in the palm of your hand.
Take up the challenge and blossom with video as part of your content and marketing strategy.

I've been using video in my creative business since Spring 2017 and have built Knit With Hannah to be a high-ranking channel on YouTube. Facebook lives are a speciality and knitting challenges with high participation are always successful when I'm at the helm too! 

How can I help?

Whether you're a creator, a maker or an artist I've got the inside view.
I've been all three and have been tutoring in the creative field for many years too.

One-To-One Support

Whether you already have a YouTube Channel or are still working out how to fit video into your creative business, I'm here to support you.

If you struggle to come up with video content ideas, we'll meet and set up your blog or Facebook strategy for months in advance. The Blog Busting Brainstorm is for you!

There are so many options out there, for using video in a creative business. Do you demonstrate how to style your hair when wearing your sterling silver hoop earrings on Facebook? Or teach watercoloring on YouTube? Maybe hand lettering or pottery might go down well in an e-course?
You may have guessed it, I've had experience with all those video options, (and more!) so I'll be able to help you decide which suits you, your business and audience and is best for you to focus on right now.
Join me for a Video Strategy Session.

Perhaps you're uploading videos but not getting the views and subscribers you know your content deserves. I can give your channel a fresh set up eyes and will quickly pick up how you can reach the viewers who need you. You'll need the YouTube Channel Audit or Magical YouTube Method.

Click the button above to find out more, or if you know which one you'd like,
click on one of these images and set up a call right now!

Video Courses

Learn more about using YouTube as a maker, artist or creator, without the hassle of getting stuck in tech or lost in the YouTube algorithm!

Creating a successful and growing channel can be a tough journey to ride. I was ready to give up when I had very few views, and a stagnant list of subscribers. But now it's growing and has been consistently for the last twelve months.

That snowball the tech geeks talk about... it's real! When YouTube sees you doing well, you'll be shown to more and more optimal viewers and before you know it the growth rate will multiply and increase. You'll look at your video view and subscriber count with pride once you've learned all my insider tricks too.

(And it's a free traffic source, bringing paying customers right to your checkout!)

"My favourite part was Hannah's friendly approach. I felt like she was taking my hand and showing me how "doable" everything was. For example, looking at the analytics can feel overwhelming but she made it simple on where I should focus and how to get the most out of my strategy. "
Neesha Merani, Paperwand Studio

Stuck for video ideas every time you know you need to film?

You're making and creating every day: earrings, knitting patterns, doodles and customised espresso cups, but when it comes to video your mind goes blank.

That's why I created a FREE list of video ideas for makers and artists, including over 50 video ideas, along with a swipe-able 4-month content plan!

Join me now to download your pdf with an added guide and video to help you use it.

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