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Hi, I'm Hannah!

Video is the way to go. And creative business owners like you blossom with video as part of their content and marketing strategy. Once you're sharing colour, light, process and inspiration your audience will fall in love with every aspect of your daily creative life.
It feels natural to you.
You might think, who would be interested in me washing my paint brushes or unwrapping fresh clay?
Who wants to know which yarn I've loved knitting with, or when I found a new supplier of crafting paper?
Your followers and your audience will be interested, they want to know... that's the answer.

I've been running my Knit With Hannah YouTube channel since March 2017. 
The first year sucked. I had very few viewers, very little connection and I wondered if it would ever really be worth it. 
Then I decided to give it one last try.... 
I changed my video format and I began to play YouTube's game by creating videos in a way that the algorithm loved me as much as my viewers did.  I started to see results.

Every 3 months since then I have doubled my subscriber count, I'm ranking high in the YouTube search within my niche and my videos have had 50 thousand views in the last year.
Most importantly my audience has grown, they've embraced my process, my real creative life. They watch my live videos on Facebook and join me for 'knit and natters' in my membership.
(and no, I don't share what I'm eating for breakfast or when my car needed a new tyre!)

"My favourite part was Hannah's friendly approach. I felt like she was taking my hand and showing me how "doable" everything was. For example, looking at the analytics can feel overwhelming but she made it simple on where I should focus and how to get the most out of my strategy. "
Neesha Merani, Paperwand Studio

"Hannah has been really encouraging and specific in the steps I need to take to grow my channel. My favorite part of the Magical YouTube method was the 2-3 action steps Hannah gave me every week. It's all too easy to never give the time to developing my channel, amongst all the other aspects of running a business, so this really helped me take action.
I’d definitely recommend this coaching series to others, Hannah has a very helpful and personal approach, meeting me where I'm at with my channel."

Bryony Rust, SaLT By The Sea

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