Jul 01

Video Ideas For YouTube: Witness’ Wonder

Watching you create will become like bingeing Netflix. I’ve watched live-streams of painters creating for hours at a time. While I’ve done a lot of painting in my past, I also love watching other’s techniques and style bring about an amazing transformation on the canvas. Colours fly before my eyes, and connections are preserved in […]

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Jun 17

Video Ideas For YouTube: The Hidden Beauty of Creativity

When you’re a maker everything begins to seem obvious. I’ll start knitting a new pattern and before I know it, I’m finished. Because I found it easy and didn’t really think about the stages I went through to get there. But this is what fascinates the audience. As an observer you’re intrigued and interested by […]

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Jun 10

Video Ideas For YouTube: The Intern’s Interest

Beginners Have Two Stages Of Learning  There’s the point at which there’s curiosity about the subject and absolutely everything to learn. Maybe the only understanding of the niche is the title, such as crochet, watercoloring, ceramics. They know they want to commit to something, and this is an option. It maybe a sideways step from something else, or […]

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Jun 03

Video Ideas For YouTube: The Creative Toolkit

The creative journey begins with definition. Many studies have shown that we are more creative and imagine greater things when we are more restricted.  Tools are the perfect place to position those boundaries. By simply picking up a ball of yarn and a pair of needles I’m giving myself restriction. I’m saying that I’m likely […]

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May 27

Video Ideas For YouTube: The Demos Division

We’re continuing on our video ideas journey this week with a dividing of the demos. If you didn’t see last week’s check it out here, we were looking at all the how-to video options there are in the creative world of making and artistry.  This week we’re going to look further into demonstration videos. There are […]

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May 17

Video Ideas For YouTube: The How-To Conundrum

Video ideas can appear out of the blue and all is right with the world. But then there are those times when you spend all week figuring out what you’re going to film. Then once it’s done, edited and on YouTube, your mind starts the downward slope to 7 days later when you film the […]

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Apr 29

Earworm’s Gonna Get You!

Do you ever have songs singing in your head so repeatedly that you start singing too? Maybe you start singing in the shower, while you’re washing the dishes, while you’re driving to the hairdresser’s. We’ve been talking about this amongst some business buds of mine in the last week. And what those lyrics might matter. Nick, […]

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Mar 16

One Thing, Just One Thing

There are times, when there are so many things in my head that I don’t know where to turn. Generally when this a happens I sit down with a large piece of paper and write out everything that is on my mind. In the last week of March I did just that, I listed out everything that I wanted to complete in my business by […]

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