Earworm’s Gonna Get You!

Apr 29

Do you ever have songs singing in your head so repeatedly that you start singing too?

Maybe you start singing in the shower, while you’re washing the dishes, while you’re driving to the hairdresser’s.

We’ve been talking about this amongst some business buds of mine in the last week. And what those lyrics might matter.

Nick, my husband is brilliant at remembering the year, month, band, position in the charts of many songs that I sing out of the blue. So he’s kinda handy to have by my side when this happens too!

I’ve had various tunes appearing in dreams and conversations recently and have used them to create inspiring mantras.

One that has been badgering me for many months is probably because Nick and I rewatched LOST last year.

One of my favourite scenes in that epic TV drama involves a character named Desmond picking a vinyl record and listening as he shaves, prepares breakfast… until he hears a large bang. (I’ll not spoil it for you!)

That song is inspiring for me. I feel uplifted as soon as I hear the intro. Paloma Faith recorded a version of it in March 2018, but the recording I know is by Mama Cass Elliot, in 1969. It totally missed me as I was growing up in the 80s, but as soon as I heard it on Lost in 2006 I was hooked.

The lyrics that speak to me go like this:
Nobody can tell ya;
There’s only one song worth singin’,
They may try and sell ya,
‘Cause it hangs them up to see someone like you.
But you’ve gotta make your own music
Sing your own special song,
Make your own kind of music even if nobody else sings along.
You’re gonna be knowing
The loneliest kind of lonely,
It may be rough goin’,
Just to do your thing’s the hardest thing to do.

Being of an artistic nature I make my own kind of music daily. I create, I sing my own kind of song.
I get the lonely factor too. I mention that filming YouTube videos is ‘work’ and earns me money, and get strange looks in return.

Another song that has been a favourite since the 90s is the theme song from the animated Aladdin, by Disney.

One particular part stands out and I sing it again and again…
A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming.

That speaks to my desire to be different, to show myself and others that knitting doesn’t have to be taught in a draughty yarn store on plastic chairs (no offence to non-draughty yarn store owners!).
I love teaching online and I love the way this lyric keeps pushing me to go for it and most importantly to believe.

and later in the song there’s that faith again:

With new horizons to pursue (Every moment, red-letter)
I’ll chase them anywhere
There’s time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you.

Those new horizons are there for us makers and artists. The online world is ready to see not just the technology inspiring us, but the creativity we capture as we utilise it too.

How about you? Do you have any earworms hanging around lately?
Let me know in the comments below what they are and see if you can find something in the lyrics that drew you to them in the first place.

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