One Thing, Just One Thing

Mar 16

There are times, when there are so many things in my head that I don’t know where to turn.

Generally when this a happens I sit down with a large piece of paper and write out everything that is on my mind.

In the last week of March I did just that, I listed out everything that I wanted to complete in my business by the end of the month and scheduled it into five days (allowing myself to spill a little into the weekend, if necessary).

Guess what?

I was overly ambitious and only managed about half of those things… and felt rushed and filled with confusion when I had any time for a break.

I’m usually the one in my business mastermind who schedules well, who manages to fill every day with actionable steps, but I realise now what the issue was.

I saw the end of the first quarter and I wanted to finish those goals that I’d set 90 days previously.

Of course, 3 month goals are really helpful, but a lot changes in three months. This has been one time when there’s been a major shift in my business that I just wasn’t expecting.

So now, I pat myself on the back and acknowledge that every one thing that I did last week, was one more step.

That’s what I’d like to share with you this week.

Every day, every moment you set aside to work on your business, think about your one thing.

What is the one thing you can do, complete, optimise to move one more step?

Look at your long term goals regularly and break them down, then weekly and daily you can approach the smaller steps.

When it comes to video you may have vast plans. 

You can also have very small steps. 

One small step might be to practice filming a Facebook live with your laptop.

Another might be to spend an hour surfing YouTube channels that focus on your niche, to compile a list of which video topics are successful in your field.

If you already have a YouTube channel, you could spend time in Canva or Photoshop designing an on-brand, click-worthy thumbnail template.

What one step can you take? hit reply and let me know!

I opened up a couple of free slots to chat about your YouTube channel. I can help you optimise what you have now or set up a new channel to reach your audience in a streamlined way.

We’ll be able to focus on your business and find out how video can support you in reaching your audience and growing your income and influence.

Happy Creating,


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