Studio Beta Bootcamp is waiting for you!

Learn how to use YouTube's Studio Beta interface to 

get your videos seen and see your subscriber count soar, 

without getting caught by tech demons, losing your latest video

 or spending hours procrastinating over your analytics and statistics.

Want to make an impact with your YouTube channel, reach the creatives who will eagerly await your next video,
and get free traffic converting to sales?

With 6 videos totalling over 35 minutes of training inside the YouTube creators interface, you'll know what you're doing when you upload your next masterpiece.

join for just £27 (approx $35 USD)

Here's what videos you'll see inside:

1. Uploading... get your latest video up on your channel, lickety-split!

2. Title and Thumbnail... let your viewers know what they're getting at first glance!

3. Description... write your optimised description for your viewers and the algorithm.

4. Tags... I'll show you where, which, why and how many!

5. Card Links... like a website pop-up we'll offer more of your content to your viewers.

6. End Screens... and we'll select the perfect next bite to encourage binge-worthy watching.

7. Schedule and Playlists... release each video like a weekly episode of your favourite TV show.

Not to mention the Bonuses!

BONUS 1: Browser Extensions
I'll explain which browser to use with YouTube and how to optimise it so it does half the work for you!

BONUS 2: Uploading Checklist
Just so you don't forget any of the steps as you upload your videos, there's a pdf checklist too! 

And BONUS 3  is....
YouTube Analytics 101

Not sure which numbers matter?

Spend hours procrastinating over the smallest peak or loss in views?

I'll give you the details that you need in just 20 minutes of 'Analytics 101'.

Start watching your views, subscribers and influence grow...

become the one to watch with Studio Beta Bootcamp today!

Join for the early-bird price of just £27 (approx $35 USD)

"My favourite part was Hannah's friendly approach. I felt like she was taking my hand and showing me how "doable" everything was. For example, looking at the analytics can feel overwhelming but she made it simple on where I should focus and how to get the most out of my strategy. "
Neesha Merani, Paperwand Studio

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